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Map calibration and strokesavers

First we know only the length of fairway via official measuring from tee pole to center of green. We have to place enough points to official measure line and then calibrate the map with two calibration points. After that we can move any point (8 tee, 1 first shot,2, 3 or 4 last shot to green) to desired place and create our own strokesaver.

No points defined yet. The points will appear either in left upper corner or in the middle of screen (depends of the size of map). If Your phone has touch screen, You can define points and select items from toolbox with stylus.

Press 8(t). Move it to tee pole. Press 4(g) and move green to center of green area.

If fairway is greater than par 3 then press 1. Move opening shot point to correct position (on official measurement line) in fairway. Repeat middle shot (2, 3) if necessary. Try to use the official measuring points when calibrating if available. You can remove accidentally inserted 1, 2 or 3 shotpoint with Clear-key (C-key)

Press *. Move calib tee to tee pole (press C to quick move to tee pole). Press * again and move calib green (now red) to green (press C to quick move to green) and then further until the distance is exactly same (as in picture 293=293, move sideways to fine-adjust distance if necessary). All points on map can now be calculated according Pythagoras theorem. Now You can add move more shots (8,1,2,3,4) if necessary.

Select Map>Save points to save Your strokesaver locally. To save a private strokesaver for current tee to server, select Map>Edit and Remote>Upload private strokesaver (You may need to have correct user rights use this menu). To save a all strokesavers (strokesaver plans for current coiurse to server, select Map>Edit and Remote>Upload all strokesavers (You may need to have correct user rights use this menu). You can also save all points (=strokesavers) for current course to server by selecting in Course view Course>Edit and Remote>Upload course (points, map).