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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips


How do I install Strokeplan Mobile Golf and register myself at

Because Strokeplan is an self-signed Symbian application

1. Check that You can install all (also self-signed) applications. In S60 3rd phones set Tools->App.mgr->Options->Settings->Software installation = All and Online certif. check = Off


Select Tools, navi-center

App. mgr. App. manager


The settings above prevents the Strokeplan installation. Write Your values down before You change them!

The settings above allows the Strokeplan installation. Remember to change these values back to original after succesful installation to protect Your phone against malware!

2. Download StrokePlan application from The download is easier to do with phone's internet browser. StrokePlan installer size is about 1.6 MBytes. If You are concerned about communication costs, You can alternatively download the Strokeplan installer into PC and transfer the file to Your phone.

3. While installing You will get a security warning , because StrokePlan is an self-signed application.

4. Install the StrokePlan into phone memory, if it has more than 10-20 MBytes free space. Alternatively, You can install Strokeplan to phones's separate memory card, but some SD memory cards tends to be extremely slow.

5. StrokePlan requires network connection to communicate with remote course and score database. Also, StrokePlan uses phone line when You want call to golfcourse e.g. to reserve a teetime.

6. After accepting license and when installation has finished exit browser and go to Menu->My own and scroll down to the bottom to see the StrokePlan icon and run it.

7. Select Options->Player->Edit to enter Your player information. Use No course, if Your home course is not listed. To fast scroll Country-code 5 rows at a time use navi-left-right-keys. Recheck that Your email address is typed correctly. In Recommended by field, enter the playerid of the golfer, who recommended You StrokePlan service.

8. Select Options->Remote->Register/Modify to send Your player data to Strokeplan server and registrate.

9. Immediately You will get a notice "Confirm with SMS (text msg, do not alter it!) Your identity. Check also Your email."

10. After sending the confirming SMS-textmessage (which is a normal price SMS), go back to StrokePlan application. You are now registrated. With SMS-textmessage You only confirm Your registration and identity, it is not a subsciption to Strokeplan services and there are no other costs than sending the SMS. If You later want to use Strokeplan Ltd's fee-based services (e.g. real-time tournament tracking etc.), please, contact

11. You will also get the encryption key in email. Write down it, Your re-registering will be easier in future, e.g. when You change Your phone.

12. Test registration by e.g. searching the courses in remote database. Select Options->Course->Search remote. Search course criteria will pop up. Select Options->Find courses to start the search. You should see a list of golf courses, if You have done everything correctly. Select one course from list with navi-key. Otherwise, check that You have typed the encryption-key (password) correctly

13. Set Tools->App.mgr->Options->Settings->Software installation and Online certif. check back to original values, if You changed them. You have to change these values back to original after succesful installation to protect Your phone against malware!

14. Download Your home course or enter course details and upload it to Strokeplan.

15. All features are free for first 4 four weeks, after that only Settings>Usage=Tourist features are at Your disposal. You cannot attend to tournaments without a subscription, however.

How do I remove Strokeplan Mobile Golf completely from my phone?

Start StrokePlan and select Options->Settings->Clean Up to prepare StrokePlan for uninstallation. StrokePlan will connect and inform remote database that that Your PlayerID and score/course data is obsolete and will be deleted. After that StrokePlan will remove all local StrokePlan files, which cannot be deleted in standard application uninstallation procedure. Then You can use Tools->App.mgr to uninstall standard application files.

How do I upgrade Strokeplan Mobile Golf? Do I lose some data with upgrade?

StrokePlan maintains Your StrokePlan player ID and encryption-key (password) between upgrade installations. When upgrading current version, all score, course and map information need to be retrieved from remote database, if phone database structure has been changed. Before upgrading, write down Your Options->Settings last two item Inst ID and Encrypt.key values. After You have installed new version, instead of entering the player information, select Options->Settings and enter last two item Inst ID and Encrypt.key. Then select Remote->Re-register and confirm re-registration with SMS-message. If re-registering fails (i.e. You do not have correct Inst ID or Encrypt.key value), You have to do complete installation and register Yourself as new player.

I bought a new phone. How do I transfer my Strokeplan subscription to my new phone?

Take Your old phone and Select Options->Settings and write down Your previous InstanceId and encryption-key (password) (in Settings record). Then use Your new phone and download StrokePlan program and install the program but do not registrate Yourself, Instead select Options->Settings and fill in the last two Inst ID and Encrypt.key values from Your previous phone's Settings. Then select Remote->Re-register and finally confirm the re-registration by sending a text message (SMS) to Strokeplan Ltd (+358-50-5147485). Then, remove the StrokePlan Mobile Golf program completely from Your old phone.

How do I define my default course, tee and scorecard layout? I mainly play in my home course.

Retrieve Your home course from Strokeplan database or enter it's information Your self and upload the course information record into Strokeplan server. After it has been checked (1 day or less), it will appear when You search it from Strokeplan server. Download Your home course and in Score view select Option->Settings and scroll down to Default course and Default tee. Select correct values (with navi up, down and enter keys) and select Options->Local->Save. Now, every time when You start up StrokePlan, it will retrieve these default values. Also update Your Player record and change Your home course to correct value. Notice that default course can be different than Your home course, i.e. You can be a member in some club and still usually play in another course. Scorecard layout can be set either temporarily by selecting Options->Show or permanently as a default by selecting Options->Settings and then Default View=18, 9, 3, 1 and saving the setting with Options->Local->Save. You have several Score input views at Your disposal: 18 hole, 9 hole, 3 hole view (all horizontal input) and One hole view (vertical input). To find out which suits Your playing style and phone screen capabilities best, try each of them. If You have touch screen phone, You can navigate between map/scorecard view with stylus.

Some screen abbreviations:

ST = Stableford

P = Stableford points

F = FIR, Fairway In Range

G = GIR, Green In Regulation

P = number of putts (green)

S = Special, Lost ball, Water etc. penalties

S = Strokes (either hole/in/out/total)

Which phone models are supported?

StrokePlan supports S60 3rd Edition phones and UIQ2.0/UIQ2.1/UIQ3.0/UIQ3.1 phones. Following S60 3rd phones have been verified to work: Nokia: N80, N91.

Other S60 phones: Nokia E60, E61, N93, N95, E71, 6120, 6121, N77, 5700, E65, E66, 6110, E90 Communicator, N76, 6290, N75, E62, E50, 5500, N73, N71, N92, E70, 3250, E51, N81, N82, N78, N96, 6220, N79, N85, E72, E75, 5800 XpressMusic, E63, N97, Panasonic X800, Samsung SGH-D720, SGH-D730, SGH-i450, SGH-i520, SGH-i550, SGH-i560, i7110, L870, LG LG-KT610.

UIQ2.x phones: Sony-Ericsson P800, P900, P910, Motorola A920, A925, A1000, M1000, BenQ P30, Arima U308.

UIQ3.x phones: Sony-Ericsson P990i, M600i, W950i, W960i, P1i, G700, G900, Motorola MOTORIZR Z8, MOTO Z10.

StrokePlan cannot guarantee that every listed phone's every OS version will work correctly, (phone manufacturers will update their phone Operating System version every now and then when OS bugs and/or new features are presented). Always use the latest OS upgrade, what Your phone manufacturer supports. After You have installed StrokePlan program, You have 4 weeks free period to test the capabilities and functionality of StrokePlan program, so that Your decision to subscribe is based on firm understanding of features and limitations of StrokePlan program. After 4 weeks only Settings>Usage=Tourist features are at Your disposal. However, many UIQ2.x phones have very limited memory so large maps may cause "Out of memory" message. Otherwise, StrokePlan program should work ok.

Does Strokeplan support Frisbee Golf aka Disc Golf, too?

Yes. In mobile phone select Options>Settings, then Services: Frisbee Golf and finally Options>Local>Save entry. After that You will able to retrieve frisbee golf courses, players etc. If You register Yourself only as a web-user, You can set and save Frisbee Golf-setting on registering page. All other Services settings are for golf players.


How do I create new scorecard/round?

In score view select Options->Score->New entry. Enter tee time and select Local->Save entry. Press Back or pen-key to navidgate back to scorecard and start Your round. Please, do not forget to set Your phone to silent mode, (In Nokia phones You can do that by pressing hash-key # while the phones main startup opening screen is visible).

Why does game type stroke play/match play appears in score/tee time record?

You can play both stroke play and match play rounds with Your fellow golfers even without participating to such club tournaments.

I want to track my FIRs, GIRs and/or other round details? How do I enable tracking?

In score view move focus to correct player column and select Options->Player->Edit and Track->FIR, GIR, Putts or Special. The selected tracking are now valid for current round. If You want to track FIRs, GIRs etc for all Your rounds, then select Options->Player->Local->Save entry. You may want to notify server that Your defaults tracking values have changed: select Options->Player->Remote->Register/modify. Notice, that You can only change these values remotely for Your own player record.

Mnemonics for Special strokes:

1=M like Move ball

2=B like Bunker

3=D like Double-touch

4=P like Penalty

5=L like Lost ball

6=O like Out

7=S like sand save

8=V like very special

9=W like Water

0=Mulligan (You cannot enter this 0 without adding some other special)

Penalties are shown with uppercase characters.

Traditionally player has just either met or not reached FIR and GIR. In StrokePlan system I can enter a value 0, 1, 2, 3 etc. into FIR and GIR fields. What does that mean?

You can define in Options>Settings either traditionel way (0 or 1) for FIR and GIR. However, Strokeplan does not want restrict player's interpretation of these values. You can also e.g. track on par 5 that You had 3 FIRs and 2 putts and total 6 shot meaning 1 stroke was hit out from fairway.

Should I store a local version of scores in my phone as a backup?

Yes, definitely. Do it after every couple of holes. Although StrokePlan is very efficient in it's consumption of mobile power, You may have other applications running which are not. Be sure to check, that You have charged the phone battery recently especially if You are using WLAN connections.

How does StrokePlan calculate HCP?

StrokePlan uses the following well-known HCP-formula:

113 * (Score - Course Rating)) / Course Slope = HCP

StrokePlan does not usually have access Your 20 last round, so StrokePlan cannot calculate the USGA handicap.

Scoreview user interface

To select player's tee for round, move focus to player first row and use navi up-down or 1-6 keys to select tee.

Press enter (navi-center) or navi-right to move next field. A hash-key # will switch navi-key function between four-way navigation # mode and two-way navigation/data entering mode -. Use navi up-down keys (two-way navi mode) or numeric keypad to enter strokes and select values.

How do I add new player to same scorecard?

Select Options->Player->Add and new player column will be added. Move focus to empty player column and select Options->Player->Select local if You have entered/downloaded this player already into Your phone. You should also be able to retrieve the player from Strokeplan server by using Options->Player->Search remote, if Your companion player has registered himself.

Press enter (navi-center) or navi-right to move to next field. Use navi up-down keys or numeric keypad to enter strokes and select values.

My scores are locked, I cannot modify them?

If You have played full round 18 holes, StrokePlan locks each completed 18 column to prevent accidental modifications. This takes place when You save Your scores. To release the lock: Move focus to lowest yellow field (net, in or out) and use navi up or down keys to change field to green to release the lock. You can manually lock out or in to prevent accidental modifications when phone is in Your pocket.

I played just 9 holes. Why is StrokePlan showing me double scores?

If You have played just half round, 9 holes, in or out, StrokePlan will fake a complete 18 hole round so that You will see "what if I play the other 9 same?" and hcp calculated correctly. You may be entitled to return a scorecard for 9 holes round, if Your hcp is greater than 30.

How do I search and reload my scores from server into my phone?

In Score view select Score->Search remote. Select desired golf course and/or tournament if any, if You want search specific scorecard of Yours. Select No Course and No tournament to retrieve list of all Your scores. Teetime restricts the oldest score to be searched. Select Remote->Search to start the search. Select desired scorecard from the returned list with navi-center key to reload the score into phone. If the course, where You played the round, does not exist anymore in Your phone memory, You will be asked if You want to retrieve the course data from server, too.

How do I publish my scorecard on server?

In Score view select Options->Score->Edit. Then select Options->Remote->Publish/remove. Your scorecard will be published at /scores/SCOREID.html and is available to public for next 24 hours. Select Options->Remote->Publish/remove again if You want to delete Your score webpage earlier. Only players firstname is shown on the card.

How do view my score statistics?

Use Your own PlayerId and Credentials (visible at Options->Player->Edit), when You login to Your personal player-pages at Score statistics. Login-page presents also demo-PlayerId's, so that You can try score statistics- and scorecard viewing. Statistics and scorecard pages are created dynamically and only those registered players, who participated on the round can view their own scores.

How can I link/share my scores/content privately with another player?

Add new player to Your mobile current scorecard. Then search and retrieve the player, to whom You want to give rights to view Your scores from Strokeplan database. Select Options->Player->Edit and then Options->Remote->Link/remove. You can cancel the viewing rights with same command (remove). You can view and download the players You have linked using Options->Remote->My Links when Your focus is in Your own player column. If player's "Search privacy" = "Credentials has to match", You have to enter Credentials-value to player data (or even better if he does it himself). You have now given the player the right to view Your scores and statistics. When he logs in to his player specific web pages at My private page, he can choose if he wants to view his own or Your scores and statistics. Statistics and score pages are dynamically created and only those players, who have registered to strokeplan-service, can view either their own scores or those players scores, who has linked them the right.

How can I give rights to player, that I have linked?

Select Options->Player->List linked players, to see the players that You have linked with. Each link will consist of two rows: First row (starts with player id) shows what rights the player has to look Your score and private data. send row (starts with 'My') shows what rights You have to look other players data.

Stat = view score statistics
Sco = view scorecards
Priv = view content (images / videos)
Next = view next coming teetime and place (if player has stored it to database)
Phone = view phonenumber
Email (@) = view email address

You can Accept or Reject player link with Link-menu. Rights-menu allows You to grant userrights to Your linked friend.

How canshare my private score page publicly?

You can share Your scores publicly by setting the Guest parameter at Your registration account record and then others can access Your private score page with public url /golf/ScoresStat.aspx?guestid=YOUR_PLAYERID. Notice, that others can not see Your linked friends scores, only Yours.

Golf courses

How do I enter new golf course data?

Use Pen-key (S60) or Menu (UIQ) to navigate to Course view. Select Options->Course->Edit and Options->Local->New Entry. Notice, that that the first course ID field changes to New. The current course details is left on screen for You as example of what to enter. If You enter "9" in Holes-field, then out (1-9) will be copied to in (10-18). Strokeplan supports also 3-, 6- and 9-hole courses. The course data will be copied from first set to others (e.g. for 6-hole course data from first set 1-6 will be copied to sets 7-12 and 13-18 respectively). Also, map points are copied respectively from first set to others. After You have entered the data for first set, You can change other sets if needed. If Your course consist of multiple rounds e.g. 18+18+9 and when You enter 2nd or 3rd data set, retrieve 1st set data and select Options->Edit ja Options->Local->New entry, and all course header information will be repeated, You just need to add to Coursename the name of the 2nd or 3rd set and also adjust the number of holes if any. Replace everything with correct course details and Select Options->Local->Save entry. Courses which are stored only locally, have course ID between 101-999. Remote checked golf courses, which have been retrieved from Strokeplan, will have course ID in range 1001-99999. Press pen-key or navigate with Options->View->Course back to main course yardage view. Check and test that course URL (course web link), email address and course phone are valid, use international phone number format:


e.g. Strokeplan Ltd phone is +358-50-5147485.

Test each of them from Options->Contact menu. When testing You will have to leave StrokePlan and Your phone's Browser and email programs will be opened respectively. Come back to Strokeplan and retrieve Your local course (id in range 101-999). Switch to Course yardage view with pen-key or Options->View->Course. Check that Options->Columns->Modify is on so that You can modify yardage data. Move focus to top-left column and enter tee color using 01=White, 02=Yellow, 03=Blue, 04=Red, 05=Black, 06=Green, 07=Orange, 08=Magenta, 09=Cyan, 10=Gold, 11=Silver, 12=Bronze, 13=Purple, 14=Teal. Enter colors: left longest tee to right shortest yardages. Use nearest tee color scheme and/or typical US (Gold, White, Blue , Red) or Euro (White, Yellow, Blue, Red) scheme if no matching color name is available for Your course. (Please, notify about missing/required tee colors). Enter yardage or meters and men's and women's course ratings and slope if available. If You need to add another tee column, select Options->Columns->Add. Finally, enter hole par and hcp and store Your course data locally with Options->Course->Local->Save. Then select Options->Course->Edit again and if You still want to change some course data You have entered, change it now and store course data locally with Options->Course->Local->Save. Finally send the course data to Strokeplan remote server with Options->Upload course. After server has stored the course data, Your course ID will be switched to greater than 1000000, meaning that it an unchecked course in Strokeplan database. After Strokeplan staff has checked Your uploaded course data, the course ID is once again switch to range 1000-99999 to show that it is a valid and checked golf course.

What is the difference between "checked courses" and "new courses"? How do I gain the right to access the "new courses"?

New uploaded unchecked course IDs are of range greater than 1000000, meaning that these course information has not been verified to be accurate. After Strokeplan officers or the golf course offcials have checked the uploaded course data, the course ID will be changed to be in range 1000-99999 to show that it is a valid and checked golf course. To gain access to new courses You either have to

a) subscribe Mobile StrokePlan Service

b) recommend Strokeplan to three (3) golfer friends and have them referring to Your player ID, when they registrate in Recommended by -field.

How do I correct and upload modified course data to server?

Correct the wrong course data. Test Options->Contact if You modified those. Store the modified course data locally with Options->Course->Edit and Options->Local->Save entry. Finally send the modified course data to Strokeplan remote server with Options->Upload course.

How do I search and download courses and maps from server?

Select Options->Course->Search remote. Search course criteria will pop up. Enter search criteria Course name, Zip, City etc. Every search criteria can be partial e.g. "ebble" finds Pebble Beach golf course etc. Search is executed with no accents, umlauts or capital letters. so You can use the characters, what are available on Your phone keyboard. You can leave all criteria empty to retrieve a list of 30 first courses. Select Options->Find courses to start the search. Select one course from list with navi-key up, down or enter. The second column letter C = Only link/contact information, M = Course map exists.

Mens's and womens course ratings and HCPs

StrokePlan supports separate course rating and handicap for men and women. If no course rating exists for specific tee, then StrokePlan cannot calculate HCP formula player handicap.

I want gain my home golf course's club official/administrator user rights. How can I get these rights?

First, You should check if someone in Your club organization already has administrator rights, he/she can delegate You appropriate user rights. Even if Your golf course has no contract with Strokeplan Ltd., we can still grant home course data maintaining rights to You, if You have have valid StrokePlan subscription license (i.e. You have installed Full version of the software into Your phone). Please, contact .


How do I include my own maps to maplist?

First, transfer or copy Your own map file(s) to phone. If You have one mapfile for each hole, You have to rename the map files with hole number preceding the filename extension, e.g. mymapfile_01.jpg, mymapfile_02.jpg, mymapfile_03.jpg, ..., mymapfile_18.jpg. The holes 1-9 have to have preceding zero (0) so that all filenames are exactly same lengths, the "mymapfile" part of the filename can be what be what You prefer. Select Options->View->Map. In map view, the familiar Options and Back buttons are not visible, but they are still there and usable. StrokePlan has reserved the whole screen real estate for map to ease up the planning of Your round. Press left soft button to open up Options->Map->Edit. Select Options->Local->New entry. Move focus to Mapfile-field and press enter (center navi-button). Type in some part Your map filename to find it. Select the first hole of the files (e.g. mymapfile_01.jpg) and press enter (center navi-key). You are now back in map edit and filename and directory, where it resides, should be visible. Move focus down to Map Image count and select 1, 9 or 18 depending how many files You have for the 18 hole course (9 hole course the full round consist of two 9 hole rounds). Select desired spot color so that strokes and their connecting lines have enough contrast. If Your map is on lighter, select Black, if darker select White. You can change these values later, too. Save You map file entry Options->Local->Save. Map is not yet associated with any course, but StrokePlan now knows that it does exist.

How do I associate new map with an existing golf course?

In Course view, select Options->Course->Edit and scroll down to MapId. Press enter (center navi-key) and select desired map file.

How do I use map user interface? How do I calibrate a tee?

Usually, only par 3 holes are exactly same as announced length of tee. Par 4, 5 and 6 holes are measured using strokepoints i.e. the announced tee length is not same as the distance between tee and green. StrokePlan uses calibration points to define the map scale. The distance between calibration points is the tee distance and it the same for par 3 holes. For longer holes the distance between calibration points has to be adjusted accordingly. Even though the calibration points are called "tee" and "green", they can be any points, but their distance has to be the announced tee distance. They are just used to calculate the scale of the map. If You know the measuring points You can easily adjust the calibration tee and green backwards by first defining those points as Your stroke-line and then adjusting red calibration tee and green so that it exactly same length as sum of those strokes. In Map view, press asterisk (*) to define tee calibration point (red dot and line) and press C-clear key to move it to default position. Move standard tee to desired location with navi-keys or stylus. Press asterisk (*) again to define green calibration point (red dot and line, press C-clear key to move it to default position). These present the tee Yardage on map. All other points can now be calculated.

See also detailed instructions at Map calibration and strokesavers.

Map user interface (and mnemonics):

1=define first stroke (1 like first)

2=define second stroke (2 like second)

3=define third stroke (3 like third)

4=define last stroke to green (4g like green)

5=center and scale map so that Your all strokes are visible (5 center key)

6=Move viewport origo (6o like origo)

7=Position the toolbar (7p like position)

8=define start tee point (8t like tee)

9=Zoom viewport (9z like zoom)

*=Set calibration points (asterisk like point)

0=Set distance sectors visible (circle like sectors)

#=Switch yards/meters (# like numbers)

Use navi-key to position the tees, and other points.

Use navi-key-enter (center) to switch between zoom and origo modes.

C-key clears accidently entered points (moves calibration points to default positions).

Use pen-key to navigate to main view level (unless Your are editing text, of course).

Use Back-key to navigate to previous view.

How do I create a personal strokesaver plan for my favorite tee?

Modify the existing strokes for Your tee and save it locally.

What kind of maps can be used with Strokeplan system? Can I have separate map pictures of each fairway?

StrokePlan supports all common graphic formats (like gif, png, jpg, tiff) First, You can have 1, 9 (for nine hole course) or 18 map pictures. If Your course maps consists of 9 or 18 files, then name your maps like: my_mapfile_01.gif, my_mapfile_02.gif, my_mapfile_03.gif, ..., my_mapfile_09.gif etc. The 256 color scheme format is preferred to save memory space. Preferred size is for masterplan maps approximately from 1200x1600 up to 1600x2000. Even smaller and larger maps can be used although smaller maps does not necessarily provide enough details and on the other hand larger maps cannot be rendered in phones, which do have lesser amount of memory available. The maximum usable combined (e.g. 18 holes) file size is between 600 KBytes - 1 MBytes. The actual upper limit of file size is dependent of phone capabilities and number of applications running concurrently.

How do I share a map with other players? What is the difference between public and private maps?

You have to upload the map and stroke plans (i.e. strokesaver point aka teeplan) to Strokeplan server. Map will be made public and retrievable at after it has been checked. Before that, map is private (i.e. non-public) and only map uploader can access and download it. Strokeplan Ltd will remove all material, which Strokeplan Ltd. thinks may be illegal or not suitable for from database and a person who misuses and uploads such material may be banned to using Strokeplan system.

Do I need to pay separately for map downloadings?

No. Strokeplan does not collect any fees from golfers who download golf course intormation including maps.

What is Your data/map uploading/downloading netiquette?

Prepare maps well. Use 256 color scheme. Process the 18 hole map files so that when combined together they are less than 800KBytes (preferred) or minimum less than 1 MBytes when uncompressed. The preferred size for masterplan map is from 800x1200 upto 1600x2000 (even 3200x2000 pixels is accepted, if it works witjh most phones) . If You decide to use separate map picture for each hole, then each picture should be about 140*300 - 240*480. Png, jpg, gif, tiff are preferred formats and in this order. No bmp or mbm formats, please. Create teeplans (i.e stroke plan) for every tee. Check that calibration points are correct, Strokeplan Ltd cannot do that remotely.

How do I upload maps and map points to strokeplan server?

After You have associated map to correct course in Course view Options->Course->Edit MapId-field and You have defined map points, upload map points and map(s) to Strokeplan server by selecting in Map view Options->Map->Edit: mapfilename. After that select Options->Remote->Upload Map points and Options->Remote->Upload Map. Map(s) and their points are now in Strokeplan Ltd server and they will be combined into distribution course data version after map has been checked.

Downloading maps from server

When You search golfcourses, a list of found courses if any, will be shown. The second column letter C (Course or contact) means, that course has only basic information. A letter M (Map) means, that a map is included. You can try downloading of maps by searching course "Sanki" (1002) or "Vaara" (1003).

Network connections

Does StrokePlan program call automatically to golf course or player or communicate through internet without asking me first?

No. StrokePlan will first show You the phone number and ask Your confirmation before calling. Whether or not StrokePlan will ask Your permission when it connects to internet depends of the Options->Settings->Ask value.

What is the difference between "local" and "remote" data? Can I backup my scores to server?

Local data is strored into phone's own memory (or memory card). Remote data is stored and retrieved from Strokeplan remote server. Yes, You should store Your scores also into Strokeplan server, so that You can create score statistics at private player pages at Score statistics.

When I make a long distance call to golf course, will the call be connected immediately without asking me anything?

No. StrokePlan will first show You the phone number and ask Your confirmation before calling.

I am golfing abroad faraway from my carrier area. How do I set up the Strokeplan to notify me of possible expensive transfers before I actually do them?

In Options->Settings You can define transmission parameter Ask: Don't ask permission, Ask Map transfer, Ask every transfer. Ask Map transfer is reasonable setting for most golfers. Ask every transfer is usable if You want to connect to Strokeplan server only occasionally.

The Options->Show->Show http traffic shows some numbers at lower part of screen. What do they mean?

Instead of a progress bar, this option will show number of bytes written/read. The first number is a status code (internet remote procedure call initiated, on-going, reading, writing etc.

wXXXXX= XXXXX bytes has been written to strokeplan server.

rYYYYY= YYYYY bytes has been read to strokeplan server.

They provide precise statistics how much data You have read/written to Strokeplan server during Your current session.

How much data will be transferred on average when I download a course?

One course size, which has 2-6 tee distances and no map, is between 1-3 KBytes. If course has map, the map points are between 4-10 KBytes. Map size can vary very much between 200-1000 KBytes. You can always decide, if You want to download map also, when You are downloading course. If course has map, then map points are downloaded always with course data even if You choose to skip map downloading. Please, see Ask Map transfer.

How much are typical datacommunication costs?

Following datacommunication cost calculations are based on dataplan with carrier for 20 Mbytes per month, which costs 4 dollars per month.

One scorecard transmission: circa 0.0002 $ (1 Kbytes)

Golfcourse data transmission: circa 0.002 $ (10 Kbytes)

Golfcourse map transmission: circa 0.10 $ (500 Kbytes)

The presented datacommunication costs are typical, not actual.

I cannot connect to with my carrier/operator settings?

You need to connect with normal internet http-protocol, not with WAP-protocol. Usually Your carrier/operator has named this connection "internet". Unfortunately, also naming of WAP and MMS protocols fall many times under this umbrella of internet-protocols. Try each of Your connections and if none of those work, try to create a connection, where address is "internet" or address is empty. Usually the default protocol is http-protocol. Your carrier will also be able to help You.


How do I create new tournament? Can I define several round tournaments e.g. 36 or 72 hole tournaments, which last over two days?

You can create private tournaments if You set Settings>Services=Tournament. For any other tournament types than Private You have to have at least Club official rights to create such tournament. Please, contact to request such rights. In course view, select Options->Course->Edit tournament. Then select Options->Local->New entry. Enter first round details: Name of tournament start date and time of the first day/round, end time of the first day/round etc. Notice, that You have to create as many tournaments as You have rounds e.g. 72 hole tournament requires 4 separate tournament entries i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.

What tournament restrictions there are? How many players can participate?

Match play tournaments can have maximum 512 players, meaning they have to play 9 rounds to find out the winner. Stroke play tournaments can have up to 9 rounds (i.e. 168 holes). Player count is not restricted on stroke play tournaments. In strokeplan vocabulary Tournament is a series of rounds usually 1,2,3 and 4. Usually all 4 rounds have 18 holes and they are played on same course. Notice that StrokePlan Tournaments can be arranged very flexibly: e.g. a two groups of players could be playing 1st day in separate course and then switch course together, rounds don't need necessarily to be 18 holes they can be 9. In strokeplan vocabulary a tour is a set tournaments.

Why do You use seconds as an interval unit between tournament groups?

This will changed to Minutes:Seconds sometimes in future.

How do I open the Web page to see the tournament leaderboard?

In score view, select Options->Course->Web leaderboard.

How do I use tournament player cut limit?

"Cut limit" restricts the participant count of first round on both stroke play and match play tournaments. For the second and other round(s) cut limit applies only to stroke play tournaments. If Your tournament cut is done e.g. on third round, keep the cut limit same on 1st and 2nd round. Select first cut type: either Cut by Player Count or Cut by Score. Then enter maximum number of players or maximum total stroke limit. If several players have same score than last player on the cut list, then all players with same limiting score are included on next round.

How do I rank tournament players? How are matchplay players paired?

Select Options->Remote->Rank players to retrieve the players who are playing on this tournament. The first player on the rank list is the best player, next is second best etc. Use enter (center navi-key) to select the player that you want to move on the rank list. Use up and down navi-keys to move the player. Confirm player's new rank location with enter (center navi-key). Use up and down navi-keys to select next player, whose rank You want to change. Finally, select Options->Upload rankings to transfer the new ranking to strokeplan server. In match play players are paired so that on ranking list first player - last player play together, second player - second last player plays together etc. In strokeplay the last player starts in first group and best player starts in last group.

How do I retrieve a list of tournaments for a golfcourse? How do I view tournament details?

First select the course either from Options->Course->Local or Options->Course->Remote. In score view select Options->Course->Download tournaments or in tournament view select Options->Remote->Download tournaments (You have to select the course here first, too). To view tournament details, move focus to first field (TourID) and press navi-enter (center key). A list of course tournament will pop up and You can now select the desired tournament with navi up-down-enter keys.

How do I upload my incomplete or final scores for a tournament to server?

In score view select Options->Score->Upload score, that's it. At the same time StrokePlan will save a backup copy of Your scores into phone's local database.

How do I upload driving distance results from N th hole?

Enter side games into tournament notes-field (the last field of tournament record). Then upload tournament to Strokeplan server. Current Driving distance leader or whatever You entered to that field will be published in Your tournament web page in couple of seconds at

What happens when during tournament two players in same group modifies/overwrites each others scores with different values? Does scores get synchronized somehow?

Yes, Strokeplan server tracks who is the modifier of scorecard. If several persons are updating same score record, then their local record is updated and synchronized next time when they try to upload record.

What is a golf course/tournament organization and how do I delegate my user rights to others?

Tournament organization usually consist of volunteers even in case of USPGA master tournaments. The course administrator can delegate his user rights or club official rights to any golfer who has registered himself in Strokeplan server. The golfer, who receives the authorization, will have a temporary new home course, which will be the tournament course, so that he act as a club official and download and modify tournament scores, player lists, ranks etc. Course/tournament organization is also a private, course related ad-hoc phone contact book, and all tournament organization members even temporary, can contact each other without having to add or edit their contact details. You can look at Your course organization, if You have at least club official userrights by selecting Options->Settings in Score-view and then selecting Options->Delegate->Show organization. You can call to a member of organization by pressing navi-center provided, that member has given his/hers phonenumber while registrating to Strokeplan service.


Why does scores need to be "signed" twice to be valid?

The first "signature" comes usually from the phone owner, who has registered himself at By sending the scorecard record to server, he/she just stores the scorecard to remote strokeplan server. Strokeplan Ltd will not transfer the scorecard to player's homeclubs for HCP calculation unless it has been confirmed (i.e. "signed") by at least two players, who were playing together on that round. The phone owner can confirm the scores of all other players of the round except himself. A player can sign and confirm only other players scores. A second signature is needed to confirm the first players scores.

Scorecard needs to be "signed" by at least two participating players. Phone owner is usually one of them and signs the scorecard with his own phone. Can I use his phone to add my signature to the scorecard or do we need two different phones?

You need just one phone. To add a second signature to scorecard, move focus to the Your player column and select Options->Player->Edit. Scroll down to Credentials-field and enter the player's Credentials. Then select Options->Sign scorecard to send the second signature to strokeplan database. Credentials are Your second "password" and You can think of it as a equivalent of pin code of a Automatic Money Teller. Even though strokeplan generates You a very difficult-to-remember and secure Credentials pincode, You can change it to whatever You like. Use at least 4 no more than 8 character credentials pin code. Do not re-use any sensitive pin code (e.g. You credit card pin code etc.) as such will compromise Your security.

How does the communication encryption work? What consequences and/or benefits encryption has?

Encryption guarantees that nobody can impersonate You. StrokePlan uses AES-encryption to cipher only that data, what needs to guarantee privacy and secure identification. This is much faster than using full https encrypting protocol, because only some parts of the message need to be encrypted/decrypted. It also allows the usage of e.g. free WLAN hotspots without compromising security. Encryption is very strong: to break it requires on average 27 328 509 738 828 days, if breaker can try out 1 000 different key combination in a second. The use of the software is prohibited for U.S. government end user without a license from the U.S. government (Please, see StrokePlan license details while installing).

Why is Strokeplan an self-signed Symbian application? Does it conform to standards?

Strokeplan does conform to most Symbian standards, but it retains player- and course data between re-installations. The full uninstallation procedure differs from Symbian recommendation. However, all technical aspects (e.g. how Strokeplan uses network connections, makes phone calls, allocates memory, mobile phone power consumption) adheres Symbian standards. Most operators and carriers apply "walled garden" policy to cellphones they sell, so even complete testhouse signing process does not guarantee installabity on these operators phones. For these reasons Strokeplan deciced do only self-signing.

Strokeplan encryption-key (password) and player credentials are visible to me. Do I need to worry?

Do not worry, the phone is Your personal phone, right? Sometimes You need to use Your credentials to sign the scorecard with another person's phone. You'll need Your "Credentials" when You log into Your statistics web-pages.The encryption-key (password) is visible, so that You can see it, if You buy a new phone and need to transfer Your subscription license. You can change Your credentials any time. Although the system supports up to 16 character credential, please use 4-8 characters.


What means player "Search privacy" and what is the suitable setting for me?

Player Search privacy defines how other players can find You from remote database. A Freely searchable player can be found e.g. entering course and member ID and/or partial first and surname. Name has to match means other players will be able find You, if they have typed Your name exactly how it is stored in remote database (umlauts and and accents don't have to match, though). Credentials has to match means Your fellow players (or preferably You using his phone) has to enter Your credentials exactly how it is stored in remote database. After search execution the entered credentials are cleared from phones's memory. You can change Your credentials any time. Please, use 4-8 character credentials.

What are player "credentials" and why are they visible in my player record?

Credential are Your "signature" of scorecard scores, if You want to sign a scorecard. See also Search privacy.

Can I change or define the "Settings" encryption-key (password) myself?

No. You have to use the encryption-key, what Strokeplan Ltd has sent to You when You registrated at strokeplan service. Please, write down Your Settings Inst Id and Encrypt.key, You can re-register with them when You e.g. change Your phone.

Can I change the "Credentials" in player record myself?

Yes. Credentials is a pin-code what is used in signing the scorecard and when You log into Your private statistics web-pages. Credentials can also be used for external systems password (e.g. Your club system). Please, use 4-8 character credentials. See also Search privacy.

Can other players search or retrieve my email address or phone number from Strokeplan database?

Other players cannot see neither Your email address nor phone numbers. There is one exception to this however, all players who have same tee time on a tournament can see each others contact details on tournament scorecard to ease up to meet before their tee time.

How do I benefit if I enter phone number to Strokeplan database? Will You share the number with others?

We will not share Your phone number publicly. Your club officials have access to Your phone number if You are participating to a tournament so that they can inform You about last minute changes etc. if necessary. Also, the golfer who are playing in same start time group with You on tournament have access to Your phone number. Remember, that it is not obligatory to enter Your phone number to participate on a tournament.

What is Strokeplan privacy policy and which country's laws apply?

Strokeplan Ltd. adheres to Laws of Finland and directives of European Union concerning privacy issues. A description of Strokeplan Privacy policy.

If my phone gets lost, do I need to worry because of installed StrokePlan?

Please, notify us

Events and ads

What is Strokeplan Advertise menu and can I turn advertising off?

You can turn the advertising off with Options->Settings->Advertising=Don't show. Default value is Off (i.e. Don't show any advertisement).

What are the golf course events? Can I add new course events?

Golf club officials can add events to their courses to inform members or guest players of any kind of events what are related to their course.

How do I use my home course's electronic billboard? What is the Strokeplan policy for private billboard ads/notes?

Only Strokeplan subscribers can advertise on billboard. Only home course billboard notes are allowed. No commercial ads are allowed. You can sell or buy golf related items, seek golf travel companions etc. Maximum size of the ad is 1 KBytes. You have to provide either Your public email address or phone number (or both) with Your ad.

What kind of commercial advertisement types are supported in StrokePlan system?

StrokePlan supports wide range advertisement contents: video and sound files (streaming is not supported), images, links, both formatted and plain text content is supported. Each advertisement consist of a URL link/email/phone contact full screen display ad and an additional second content file. The ability of the playback of the additional content file depends of the cababilities of the receiving phone's multimedia framework. Strokeplan Ltd's policy currently disallows the usage of second additional content file.

StrokePlan adheres to USGA Decision 14-3/.05

USGA and R&A announced fall 2005 that they would allow the use of distance-measuring devices and GPS satellite devices in 2006.

Based on the new Decision 14-3/.05, the USGA stated that these devices would be permitted only by Local Rule. That meant that golfers could use GPS in rounds counting for handicap tabulation, should their local club or course allow it, or in any tournament competition where local officials have given their sanction. USGA, PGA TOUR and other major pro tour groups are not allowing the devices in competition, however, they are all right in practice rounds.

It was stated that “under the Rules of Golf, golfers must not use distance-measuring devices for handicap purposes or in competition that are capable of gauging or measuring other conditions that might affect play, even if such a function is not used.” These functions can be e.g. measuring wind speed and direction.

It was also stated, “Distance information is available to players in many forms like in elaborate yardage books containing distances not only to the putting green but to key features of the hole and therefore distance is such a ‘known quantity.’ Although an exception has been made for devices capable of measuring distance only, the capability of measuring other conditions which might affect play, as in elevation change or wind speed, is not in keeping with the intent of the authorized Local Rule therefore, devices with such capability are not permitted.”

Strokeplan follows strictly USGA and other PGAs rulings and will be available only as competition conforming version to be used in tournaments either by players or officials. Strokeplan has no plans to include GPS capabilities into it's mainstream version even though they are allowed on some courses. If Your Local Rules have sanctions, which bans any of functions available in Strokeplan, please, contact us.

Note: Some golf courses have banned the usage of mobile phones. In most cases it is actually the phone calls/SMS text messages what are banned and with a good reason. Courses usually allows phones to be used in "golf" i.e. "flight" mode. To use phone in tournament tracking without a GSM/UMTS/3G connection, course has to have WLAN or WiMax available like also phones. Currently there are some Symbian mobile phones equipped with WLAN available, but no WiMax phones.


Does Strokeplan Ltd. have a phone helpdesk? In what languages You can assist us e.g. during tournament if we have a problem? How much does it cost?

Contact Strokeplan Ltd about availability and pricing.

Why do You write sometimes "Strokeplan" and then "StrokePlan" in another context?

Strokeplan refers to company or server side program. StrokePlan is the application, which is installed into phone.

How do I report an error/odd behavior in StrokePlan golf program?

Server side errors are returned to Your phone and You should report them with email. Please, notify Strokeplan Ltd about other errors to

Scrolling lists and changing view

Use navi-right and navi-left to scroll large lists 5 items in one step. Use pen-key to switch between main views unless You are editing, when pen-key will act as shift key. If You have installed a program, which already uses pen-key for quick-selection, You have to navigate main views with Options->View->Desired view.

Menu Navigation Reference, use pen-key to navigate to main level.

  • Score view
    • Score
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