Strokeplan Ltd - mobile golf services company located in Parola, Finland, enabling golfers and golfcourse to utilize mobile phone technology in golfing.
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Strokeplan Privacy Policy

May 11th 2007, updated December 6th, 2007, May 15 2010
This document describes Strokeplan Privacy Policy, which applies to Strokeplan services and products.

Personal information and other data we collect:

Strokeplan collects following personal information supplied by You when You register to our service either with mobile phone or website registeration page:

  • Your name (required)
  • Your gender (required)
  • Your golf handicap (voluntary *)
  • Your homeclub golfcourse (voluntary *)
  • Your golfclub membership id (voluntary *)
  • Your email address (required)
  • Your phonenumber (voluntary *, **)
  • Rank (Generated only for national/international championship level players, available on request)
  • Your chosen language
*) Required if You want return/file Your scorecards to Your homeclub for HCP.

**) Strokeplan Ltd records the registrating phone's number when You confirm Your registration with SMS-textmessage.

Strokeplan collects following information supplied by You when You use our service:

  • Scores (voluntary)
  • Linking to other players (voluntary)
  • Material that You have uploaded to server (voluntary)
The purpose of this information is to enable Your identification and automate processing of Your golf scores at Your email address is used only to communicate with You about Strokeplan Ltd's services. Strokeplan Ltd does not share Your email address, Your phonenumber, or Your linking information related to other players with any third party. Strokeplan Ltd does not email You any advertisement. Your phonenumber (voluntary) will be used by golf tournament officials, if You choose to participate on any tournament(s). You are not obliged to provide Your phonenumber to participate on a tournament.
Strokeplan Ltd may use cookies and other technologies to improve Your on-line usage of our services and to learn about how You use Strokeplan services in order to improve the quality of our services.
Strokeplan Ltd's servers automatically record information when You visit our website or use some of our services, including the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of Your request.
Strokeplan Ltd may analyze Your usage patterns to improve Strokeplan services.


We may use personal information to provide the services You have requested, including services that display customized content and advertising. We may also use personal information for e.g. reconstruction of an error situation, auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve Strokeplan services.

Information about You, which is supplied to Strokeplan Ltd from third parties

National golf associations or golf clubs may choose to supply information about their members directly to Strokeplan Ltd. Strokeplan Ltd will apply the same privacy policy described above to this information even though You are not supplying it directly to Strokeplan Ltd. Strokeplan Ltd does not store any additional information about You than described above, even though it would become available to Strokeplan Ltd somehow.

Your choices

We offer You choices when we ask for personal information, whenever reasonably possible. You may decline to provide personal information to us and/or refuse cookies in Your browser, although some of our features or services may not function properly as a result. We make good faith efforts to provide You access to Your personal information upon request and to let You correct such data if it is inaccurate and delete it, when reasonably possible.
To guarantee Your privacy, Strokeplan does not use and does not allow users to use any WAP-protocol links in webpages, because they may expose the browsers phone number programmatically.
If You have additional questions, please contact us any time. Contact Strokeplan Ltd