Strokeplan Ltd - mobile golf services company located in Parola, Finland, enabling golfers and golfcourse to utilize mobile phone technology in golfing.
Strokeplan Ltd - Mobile Golf Solutions

Product details

Prepare Your round and share details

  • Search and download course information like distances, contact info or maps into Your phone and preplan Your round
  • Short context sensitive help instructions are available or downloadable at Your phone
  • Store Your scores locally into phone or upload them to server and see statistics on Your private page
  • Upload photos, videos, podcasts or other content to server on Your private pages, tournament or course page

Link Yourself with other players

  • You can easily link with other players and define Your data sharing rights to them
  • We take Your privacy seriously: when You link with other players You can allow any combination of following to a certain player:
    • View Your round statistics
    • View Your scorecard details
    • View the content what You have uploaded to Your private page
    • See the Your next teetime and golfcourse
    • Download Your phonenumber with Your player data
    • Download Your email address
  • Keep track where, when and with whom You played and link Yourself
  • Search Your scorecards and see with whom played with years after
  • Search server database for players, who have allowed to be searched and ask to be linked with them
  • Call or send email easily to Your linked friends (if they allow it)
  • Get notified when someone of Your friends creates tournament, where You can participate

Competitive tournament golfing

  • Create private tournaments where Your linked friends can participate:
  • Tournaments are free of charge if there are 12 or less participants
  • Define who can see Your private tournament leaderboard: participants, all players, club members, etc.
  • Tournament leaderboard is maintained realtime and recalculated everytime player uploads his/hers current scorecard results to server
  • Private tournaments can consists up to 9 rounds and span multiple days
  • Even though system generates consecutive teetimes, players can modify them when they start their round
  • Stroke play, Match play and Stableford aka. P-Bogey tournaments
  • Upload photo of e.g. opening shot or other content instantly to tournament leaderboard page
  • View publicly available tournament web leaderboards at
  • Mobile version tournament leaderboard scales well for even tens of thousands concurrent viewers