Strokeplan Ltd - mobile golf services company located in Parola, Finland, enabling golfers and golfcourse to utilize mobile phone technology in golfing.
Strokeplan Ltd - Mobile Golf Solutions

Enter scores easily with one hand. Stableford points are calculated immediately. Select tee with 1,2,3,...6 key. Switch between 4-way + and 2-way - navigation mode with hash # key.

Plan Your round with maps downloaded from or use Your own maps. Switch between yards/meters, distances from tee/green, distances of strokes, zoom the maps, easy to use with just one hand.

Map user interface and mnemonics:

1=define first stroke (1 like first)

2=define second stroke (2 like second)

3=define third stroke (3 like third)

4=define last stroke to green (4g like green)

5=center and scale map so that all Your all strokes are visible (5 center key)

6=Move viewport origo (6o like origo)

7=Position the toolbar (7p like position)

8=define start tee point (8t like tee)

9=Zoom viewport (9z like zoom)

*=Set calibration points (asterisk like point)

0=Set distance sectors visible, tee and green (circle like sectors)

#=Switch yards/meters (# like numbers)

Use navi-key to position the tees, and other points.

C-key clears accidently entered points.

Up to 6 tees per course. Separate hcp and par for men and women, if course has that kind of policy.

Easy to use interface, P900/910 supports Flip Open or Flip Closed one hand usage for entering scores.

Any registered player can define new tournament for his/hers linked friends in a minute and after uploading tournament to, players can start immediately book themselves to participate on tournament: and it's free for up to 12 participants! Strokeplan can arrange result calculation/web leaderboard for even high prestige tournaments like PGAs.

Full support for stylus and touch screen, even with S60 provided You have access to such touch screen models. Each tee can store one strokesaver-plan.

Example of leaderboard: Smartphone Open
Sanginsuu, Oulu FIN
2007/12/15 16:30:00
Updated 2010/06/02 23:00:14
Club / Course

1Paperino Duck+4409
2Donald Duck+7439
2Georg Golfaaja+7439
4Pippo Booker+8449
4Jumbo Ozaki+8449
6Uncle McScrooge+9459
6Minnie Mouse+9459
8Kajsa Anka+11479
9Nick Golante+12489
All players have hio-champagne insurance